Selected Logo and Branding Design
Skinny Dip Jewelry / Freelance, 2021
"Established by Morgan McGoff in 2018, Skinny Dip Jewelry is a jewelry and  accessories brand inspired by nature, easy living, and go-to closet staples. We  aim to encourage our customers, through our creative voice and jewelry, to live  life “in the skinny.” This term of phrase translates for us to “living as your  authentic self."
Linnea Campbell Studio / Freelance, 2022​​​​​​​
"The natural world, insects, and the organization of their communities inform and inspire the process of Linnea Campbell's work. The organic life around us is a direct source of relation back to our lives. The most microscopic organic life is also what essentially allows us to exist and sustain our own lives. Linnea’s work consists of one of a kind ceramic wares, using wheel throwing and hand building methods that she embellishes with her illustrations of predominantly Midwestern forest creatures: from microbes in the soil to insects and small mammals. Her work aims to shed light on these tiny creatures and the large impact they have on our world."
Moxy / Freelance, 2021​​​​​​​
“Moxy is a committed, full service experience, focused on challenging the concept of “comfort food.” Their space is inclusive to all---a safe haven for employees, guests, and owners. Authenticity as a human and creating genuine human connection supersedes all other priorities. We are looking to build a team of humans with passion, grit, and compassion.”
Studio Lyric / Freelance, 2022
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